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BSC: 0x3c130A3E73...2bED

Official Smart Contract Address : 0x3c130A3E73962Ebd40136E8a6Ac27e837a3f2bED Microzilla is a groundbreaking Metaverse with the goal of being the most fun platform for crypto users and rookies. Our mission is to create an addicting fun platform that provides passive income, assisting people in achieving their financial goals in life . 🚀🚀🚀 🎮P2E NFT GAMES🎮 💴STAKING 💴 🦖ANIMATED NFT 🦖 🦕NFT MARKETPLACE 🦕 ✅NFT staking ✅NFT Crosschain marketplace ✅ P2E Crosschain games ✅ Building and owning Microzilla Crosschain Metaverse Lands + Identities ✅Low Tax Gem 🔸4% Buy Tax 🔸 1% Liquidity Pool 3% Marketing Buy Back 🔸8% Buy Tax 🔸 2% Liquidity Pool 6% Marketing Buy Back

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Submitted on 04-04-2022

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