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BSC: 0x80fa6d5384...5129

Jefe TOKEN is a top-notch Gaming Platform to bring mass adoption of Cryptocurrency to the world, as we utilize our art NFTs with unique utility in our Play 2 Earn games. The plan is to call this Jefe Metaverse ecosystem our JEFEVERSE. We want to be a Community-based DAO token. Where the community holders who have a stake in the token have a chance to vote and help determine the project's future direction. We also believe in having a safe place to invest and giving people the opportunity to have fair play, which we demonstrate in our Jefenomics. We're providing Support and Influence to our Heroes and Heroines in Uniform. These are the First Responders and people working on the Front lines to keep people safe and honor our values. We plan to give to charitable causes and share our message with everyone, a statement of unity and love for all humanity. We are building a multiverse in the blockchain using virtual reality & gaming technology.

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Submitted on 04-04-2022

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