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BSC: 0x98C6fD0281...70F7

1- Swifter Wallet- Cold Swap Wallet 2- - Broovs Wallet 3- Engine 4- Swift Messenger - Message App 5- Social Medya Platform 6- Safecoinlist- A realible token listing platform that has a Project 7- XRAY-Raychain Blockchain 8- - Crypto Exchange 9- BroovsBLOCK - It was developed using the XRAY Blockchain infrastructure owned by our company in order to prevent frequent cyber attacks in today's conditions and to ensure data security of companies in particular. 10- BroovsBOX- Data storage application for mobile phones based on blockchain 11- Bilen Project -The “BILEN” project is an artificial intelligence technology.

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Submitted on 04-04-2022

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